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You deserve a FREE loan pre-approval!


Why pay 'credit check' fees?  Why pay 'loan application fees'?  Not with my lender you won't! 


I work with a TEAM of professionals dedicated to providing you the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost.  On my TEAM is a world-class lender who has the best rates possible and lowest closing costs.  This will save you $1000s over the life of your home loan.  There is NO COST to get pre-approved!  And there is no obligation to accept their FREE QUOTE.


"When is it a good time for me to get pre-approved?"


Now!!  Before.. you start shopping for a home.  Here's why:


Suppose you are a seller and you get two or more offers on your property.  All things being equal except...  one buyer (you!) provides the seller with a CERTIFICATE OF FINANCIAL APPROVAL (you're "good as gold!").. The other sellers say: "Well, gee, we like your home and we want to buy it.  First we need to get the lender to say 'yes' to our loan application.  It shouldn't take too long, you can wait - right?"


Which buyer gets the home?  YOU!!  Of course. 


Being pre-approved (not 'pre-qualified' which means nothing since it's just a 'guess' by a lender based on unverified financial information) gives you BARGAINING POWER.  It puts you in a stronger negotiating position when the sellers knows you are a serious, motivated buyer with the 'bank behind you.'


And just as importantly, you want to know BEFORE you start home shopping:


"How much home can I afford?"

"What financing options do I have?"

"What about the 'zero down' loans that I've heard so much about?"

"What will the interest rate be?" 

"What will be the monthly payments?"


So don't delay saving $1000s of dollars in loan costs and get 'monster bargaining power' by getting free loan pre-approval now!

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